S*T*A - Sociometric Test Analysis S*T*A
A graphical (MS-Windows based) application for the semi-automatic realization of sociometric and group-dynamic analysis, following the method of Ann E. Hale. S*T*A is multi-lingual and 'speaks' currently German and English.
You can download the demo-version: Default language English/Deutsch. The only restriction is a maximum group size of five persons.

A watchdog program for the monitoring of mission-critical applications (event-, log- or output-driven) and for notification of an operator (on- or off-site) by means of e-mail, pager, SMS, phone etc. Was, and probably still is, in use by a major German telecom and fax-services provider.

  AEGIS Site Emulator (ASE)
A replacement for the ageing NATO European Air Defense System (based on antique Hughes 5118 computers). ASE is now in operational use in at least four countries. It is extremely portable, runs on any kind of modern hardware and Posix-compliant operating system, is scalable and has a user-friendly graphical interface. I represented 50% of the development team.